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Kalamazoo: Center of Michigan Brewery Explosion

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It seems like nearly every month there is a new brewery or brewpub opening in SW Michigan, and Kalamazoo is home to most of them. Take a look at what guests of the Kalamazoo House B&B can enjoy, almost all within walking distance of the inn.

Kalamazoo Beer Walking Tours

We're delighted to be partnering with West Michigan Beer Tours to launch a series of walking tours every Saturday afternoon all Summer long!  Beginning June 7, the tours will begin at one of downtown Kalamazoo's many craft beer bars and visit at least 3 breweries, sampling beers all along the way.  No doubt you'll meet brewers, tour some of the facilities, enjoy world-class beers, and have the time of your life while you learn a thing or two about Kalamazoo's rich brewing history!  All for just $19 per person

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Downtown Kalamazoo Brewpubs

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Bell's Brewery

Bell's is the beer that put Kalamazoo on the beer map, and visitors come from everywhere to visit the source!  While production brewing is done at a large facility a few miles out of town, the original downtown location still brews, too.  The brewpub, called Bell's Eccentric Cafe, features your favorite Bell's beers and also special craft beers you can't get anywhere else brewed right next door at the original brewery (free tours Saturdays and Sundays).  There's a large indoor concert facility and a big beautiful outdoor beer garden.  The General Store is here too with Bell's gear, home-brewing supplies and, of course, beer.  Bell's is a Kalamazoo destination!  Open daily.

Gonzo's Bigg Dogg Brewing

One of the newest brewpubs in Kalamazoo, and the closest to the Kalamazoo House, is Gonzo's BiggDogg Brewing.  Just a block and a half from the B&B, Gonzo's opened in Fall 2013 in what was originally a new car dealership!   Gonzo's has already become a popular pub with 10-12 original brews on tap, along with some really delicious food:  appetizers, burgers, sandwiches and pizzas that our guests really enjoy.  Outdoor seating as well.  Open daily.

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Olde Peninsula Brewpub and Restaurant

Olde Peninsula is actually Kalamazoo's first brewpub---it opened way back in 1996.  Offering 5 permanent drafts and a rotating menu of seasonal brews, Olde Peninsula offers a great view of the brewing equipment behind glass.  With advance reservations, you can schedule a tour and tasting event.  This is a full restaurant with a wide-ranging menu, and has a full bar as well as the craft beers.  Open daily.

Rupert's Brew House

Rupert's opened in Fall 2013 in the site of the old Strutt, just a short walk from the Kalamazoo House B&B right across Stadium Drive from Kalamazoo College.  A comfortable, rustic place with lots of wood, Rupert's has already earned a reputation for great beer, interesting music events, and the biggest (and calmest) dog you'll ever meet in a brew house!  There's a bit of outdoor seating in nice weather.  Food is mostly snacks, or you can order in whatever you want to eat.  Open daily.

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Arcadia Ales

Arcadia just opened in May 2014 after moving its production facilities from Battle Creek to downtown Kalamazoo.  The huge brewpub, on the banks of the Kalamazoo River, is a soaring brand new brick and glass building.  Servers tend to tables and the bar for beer, and visitors get their own food from a large deli-style counter at the rear of the building featuring delicious barbecue, mac & cheese, and other goodies.  A large outdoor seating area is on the riverside.  It's less than a mile from the B&B, so most folks consider it walking distance---and there are plenty of other pubs to pop into to rest along the way!  Open daily.

Tibbs Brewing Company

Located on the South Kalamazoo Mall right next door to the Kalamazoo State Theatre, Tibbs Brewing Company is the smallest brewpub in town but don't think it has to be big to be good!  This nanobrewery's slogan is "Small Batches,  Not Small Beers".  Tibbs is open Wednesday through Saturday and it's often standing room only.  A small list of food items complements the beer.

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Our favorite craft beer bars in Downtown Kalamazoo

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"Where Beer and the Stock Exchange collide".  Where else does the price of the excellent draft beers fluctuate depending on who's ordering what in the bar?  (The "exchange" runs 6pm to closing).  Ranked by as the No. 1 bar for craft beer in Michigan,  the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange is open for lunch and dinner (closed Sundays) and has a full bar in addition to great beers.

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Located across Kalamazoo Avenue from Bell's Eccentric Cafe in the old Star Paper factory, the Old Dog Tavern is a comfortable pub where everybody soon knows your name.  Don't go here to watch the game---there are no TV's.  Just conversation and fun.  And lots of music.  Good list of beers.  Outdoor seating and sometimes outdoor music.   And ping pong.

  • CentralCityTapHouse

On the Kalamazoo Mall, Central City Tap House is part of the Millenium restaurant group and offers up good food and an impressive list of great beers from Michigan breweries as well as from internationals.  There's a full bar here too, but the Tap House loves good beer.

What do Beer and Movies have in common?

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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Just a few blocks from the Kalamazoo House B&B, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema screens blockbusters, oldies, art films, & quote-alongs---you name it---on 10 screens.  But it's not just the great movies that bring you to the Alamo Drafthouse.  What about the 28 taps of beer?  The full bar?  The good food?  Even if you only have popcorn, it's served in a big metal bowl, rather than paper.  So go ahead, plan to have dinner and a movie.  Or at least good beer and a movie!

Brewpubs just a short drive away

  • Boatyard Brewing

Boatyard Brewing Co.

Recently opened just north of downtown Kalamazoo, Boatyard Brewing Co. is currently open Thursdays through Saturdays.  It's a bit of a long walk - but just a short drive - from the Kalamazoo House B&B.  Six brews on tap last we checked.