Kalamazoo House B&B
447 W. South Street
Kalamazoo, MI, 49007, USA

When you arrive at the Kalamazoo House B&B

  • South Street is a one-way street heading East, and our address of 447 W. South Street is 1/2 block east of Westnedge Avenue (which is a one-way street heading South).
  • After turning left from, or crossing over, Westnedge Avenue, please turn Right into the driveway just past the brown brick Marlborough Building, park in our small parking lot behind the house, and come around to the side porch to check in.
  • If all the spaces behind the house are full, please continue around to the side porch to unload, and we'll direct you to other free parking very nearby.
  • Our parking area is tight. If you have a very large vehicle, you may want to take advantage of street parking temporarily while you decide whether to use the back lot. If you are pulling a trailer of any size, please don't continue to the back parking lot.
  • If you are simply stopping to quickly check in, you might want to use a metered space in front of the house, if available. Push the button for 15 minutes of free parking, and come to the front door.
  • No matter which door you come to, you'll find it locked so please ring the bell. In the unlikely event that there is no response to the bell, please call the house number which is on the door.

We look forward to welcoming you!