Accessibility Statement

Steve creates and manages the web site himself, and is working to understand and meet WCAG & Level AA guidance for web site accessibility; it is certainly our desire and intent to clearly provide every individual the information they seek, as simply, quickly, and accurately as possible. If you have any accessibility questions or concerns about this web site, or anything related to our B&B, please let us know at 269-382-0880 Option #1, or email

In terms of physical mobility, and as referenced elsewhere on this site (and in other guest communications), safety is very important to us, and this nationally-registered historic home unfortunately brings with it a number of grandfathered and challenging barriers to mobility that cannot feasibly be overcome. This Victorian-era home is not a good fit for anyone for whom stairs could pose a challenge, as no elevator is available to the guest room floors, and guest rooms are all second and third floors above the dining room, parlor, and kitchen). There are five entry stairs to the main level, a very steep and winding staircase to the lovely third floor rooms, irregularities and steps even exist traversing within each level. and a long staircase from the main level to the second floor (with a banister that is grandfathered for historical reasons, but not a great aid to ambulation, and does not meet today’s child safety standards).