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Exhibits, Attractions and Theatre

  • Through 5/1: Westminster Juried Art Festival. Westminster Presbyterian Church. "Migration: Traveling Mercies" explores through works of art and poetry, the migration of people and animals around the world. 9 am-4 pm. 269-344-3966. FREE.

  • Through 5/30: The Feeling is Mutual: New Work by Maya Freelon. Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. Known for her explosive use of color and innovative use of fragile tissue paper, Maya Freelon creates soft, sculptural assemblages that contrast the vigor of moving energy with the impermanence of life and relationships. She will create for the KIA one of her signature, site-specific tissue paper quilts, through which she pays homage to her grandmother, "who never wasted a single grain of rice," and to the quilt as a medium for transmitting personal memory and cultural history even as it is evokes comfort, warmth and healing. Also on view will be a selection of Freelon's tissue-ink monoprints, and the artist will create a small meditation room covered floor to ceiling with tissue paper quilts to encourage viewers to savor a present moment of seeing, listening, and learning. In discussing her fragile medium, Freelon has said, "Both delicate and resilient, the use of tissue paper poses questions surrounding preservation, 'high' and 'low' art, and the attribution of value for objects... How much pressure is needed until something is ripped? Is it destroyed? Can one find strength and power in fragility?" Freelon's work has been exhibited internationally in France, Italy, Jamaica, and Madagascar, and in the U.S. at the Smithsonian Museum of African American Art and the Nasher Museum of Art. She has been commissioned by Google and Cadillac. 269-349-7775.

  • Through 6/2/19: Math Moves! Experiencing Ratio and Proporation. Kalamazoo Valley Museum. In Math Moves! Experiencing Ratio and Proportion, visitors will explore key math concepts with activities that use their brains, senses, and entire bodies. Through the more than 20 interactive stations, Math Moves! invites visitors to work together to experience ratio, proportion, fractions, geometry, and much more in a physical, cooperative, exciting, and memorable way. Visitors will explore, play, and investigate math concepts as they move through the exhibit! Movie Ratios: Create a stop-motion movie and experiment with changing its speed and length. Comparing Forms: Visitors use their body and other measuring tools to explore how three proportional chairs differ in size. Scaling Shapes: Practice doubling the size of objects in three dimensions—height, length, and width—with varying levels of difficulty. Partner Motion: Compare your rate of motion to a friend's and create patterns as your movements are tracked on the screen. Math Moves! was created by the Science Museum of Minnesota. Mon. – Sat. 9 am-5 pm; Sun. & Holidays 1-5 pm. 269-373-7990. FREE.

  • Through 6/16/19: Rewards of Wisdom: Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition. Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. Featuring both distinguished artists and rising stars who express through their brushwork the goals of virtue, peace, wisdom, beauty, meditation, science, knowledge, and philosophy. 269-349-7775.