Welcome to The  Kalamazoo House BizClub: for regular business-travel guests. Loyalty has its rewards.

here you are never one of the crowd

here you are never one of the crowd

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a hundred times:

“I travel for work constantly, and can stay in the same [chain luxury brand] hotel room anywhere. I can’t even tell what city I’m in when I wake up. What a treat it is to come to Kalamazoo since I started staying here—walking to everything, effortless check-in, and with all the ambiance and amenities. It’s like being home.”

Our regular business travelers are among our favorite guests: we get to see them more frequently, they’re easy going, professional, friendly, and they have a unique appreciation for the solace and fun to be had here in the heart of the downtown. As a result, many biz guests have become our friends. It’s as true as ever: Here, you’re never one of the crowd. You’re home! And all of this is without sacrificing privacy, using coded 24-hour access and our beloved Streamlined Self Check-in.

Benefits of Belonging:

  • Outstanding rate of $135* on All Weekday nights (Sunday-Thurs). Add $20 for double occupancy guest and/or add’l breakfast.

  • Rate applies to all rooms except the two Premiere rooms (#4 and #7).

  • Free last-minute upgrades to premiere rooms #4 or #7 (upon request no earlier than the day before—or before noon on the day of arrival).

  • Free Infrared Sauna sessions (by prior appointment)

  • $15 off massages (typically available 8 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)

  • Early check-in priority (by request: if room is ready, we’ll let you get in and settled!)

Membership requirements:

Discounts on Therapeutic Massage

Discounts on Therapeutic Massage

  • Pledge three stays minimum per year. Defined as within the 12 months after the date of admission into the Club.

  • Be a cool cat friend of the house. You must have stayed once within the last 12 months to join, or book a first stay at our published, great, everyday rates—let’s get to know one another and make sure it’s a fit.

  • Be a Single-occupancy Business Traveler. (add $20 per night for double occupancy guest and/or add’l breakfast)

  • Book any time online using your assigned promo code; or, in the case of same-day, call us before 12:00 p.m. if at possible.

  • Agree to maintain a free subscription to blog/newsletters/promotions.

Fine Print:

lightning fast, reliable internet

lightning fast, reliable internet

Relax in the infrared sauna

Relax in the infrared sauna

  • Rate applies only to Sunday-Thursday nights, and excludes holidays.

  • Rate does not apply to any extended stay rates negotiated separately, and in no case beyond four consecutive nights in one stay.

  • Same human required. This is guest specific, not a “corporate rate”. It is a loyalty program for approved individuals who are friends of The Kalamazoo House.

  • Club rates subject to change, usually infrequently—most likely annually; but we reserve the right to cancel or change the program at any time (booked reservations wouldn’t change, of course).

  • Spa/Early Check-in/Massage/Sauna are by request, pending availability.

  • Upgrades to premiere rooms are limited to two-days in duration, and the request to upgrade from the room originally booked cannot be granted until availability remains the day before your stay, at the earliest, or until the day of arrival.

How to apply:

If you fulfill the requirements above, simply click the button to sign up (takes 30 seconds) and receive your promo code. With our BizClub, we’re making it easier and more cost-effective than ever to step out of the crowd and treat yourself.