At the Kalamazoo House, the word for breakfast is "choice".

The second "B" in "B&B" stands for Breakfast, and we take that word very seriously at the Kalamazoo House. As with most B&Bs, our full breakfast is entirely complimentary. It's included in the price of your room, and we try hard to make it an occasion for enjoyment. 

You decide between two complimentary breakfast modes: A) Full-Service Hot Breakfast with private table service (most popular); or, a low-key, lighter, informal and self-serve B) Breakfast Basket alternative—preferred by grab-n-go business people, early risers, or those seeking to maximize time or privacy back in the room.

Breakfast Basket (self-serve, very light option): 
Breakfast baskets are located in our parlor area for self service, and include non-perishable muffins; granola bars; Pop-Tarts; generous portions of cold cereals in ready-to-eat packaging; yogurts; oatmeal bowls; etc. Milk, ice, coffee, tea, hot water, and soft drinks are always available at the inn (by the guest entrance), as are extra plates and utensils. 

Full Service Complimentary Hot Breakfast (most popular option):
Complimentary hot breakfast is served 7:30-9:30 a.m. weekdays, and 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. weekends and holidays. You choose when to eat, what to eat, and with whom you eat, at private tables by default, unless you request otherwise. Multiple entrees are offered daily. Each evening our guests review a menu of options and sign up for one of the great entrees being offered the following morning. Most commonly there are savory, hearty (gluten free), and sweeter options, as well as a lighter entree, and at least one vegetarian choice. When signing up the evening before, you indicate a time you will plan to eat (any time within the range). We then make sure your selected entree is prepared fresh and is hot and ready for us to serve to you at your private table downstairs. All breakfasts begin with a fruit course accompanied by muffins or other baked goods, juices and the all important Coffee and Tea.