See our Map of everything

See our Map of everything

Kalamazoo has become the epicenter of great beer, nightlife, romance, festivals, and fun. And the Kalamazoo House is the sole luxury hotel alternative that puts it all within reach.

I Like the Nightlife

Festivals, nightclubs, hot music, and more, the Kalamazoo nightlife is thriving. Here are some of our favorite spots and events in downtown Kalamazoo:


The Kalamazoo Mall area is loaded with great boutiques, eateries, music and fun. Here is a listing resource for shopping:

And don't forget to check out the Kalamazoo House "Map of Everything"!

Discover Kalamazoo

A thriving art scene to fuel your creative side, top-notch restaurants, miles of both rural and scenic trails and a craft beer culture that's flowing in and beyond the city limits. Kalamazoo delivers an experience that is urban, homegrown, historic and recreational!

Posted by Discover Kalamazoo on Wednesday, February 10, 2016