Are you new to B&B travel? Or maybe booked through an online travel site?

We always want to exceed expectations. But especially for people new to B&B travel, it occurred to us that doing so might be tricky if we don’t know what they are, or if for some reason they're not aligned well with who we are. We're having huge success converting “hotel people” to "repeat B&B people” (see TripAdvisor reviews); but let's be clear, that doesn't mean it's for everyone. B&Bs are a little different than hotels. They say it's important to know not only what you ARE, but what you are NOT, so we thought we’d share in case it is helpful. Above all, we want you to be happy when you're in Kalamazoo. 

So if you’re new to staying at a B&B, and have any questions at all about whether or not we’re a fit for you, please call or email us. We genuinely want nothing more than for you to be happy and have a great visit. (Note before booking elsewhere online: our best rates and availability are always here on our site; we often block popular dates to other travel sites.)

Again, so many thanks for booking with us. If we don’t talk to you we’ll look forward to seeing you as planned! Cheers and enjoy the day.

Steve and Steph