$189 per couple--perfect day for Just you two! Or add two friends for +$60 more (just $249 total for an unforgettable day). Four people max (2 singles/1 tandem) capacity—available all weather May through October.

2018 available option: (UBKA) Urban Bike and Kayak Adventure!--our bike-to-kayak launch (all paved trails, all off-street, customizable for beginners to intermediate fitness). Bike the trail from the inn to launch site, boats are ready and waiting! With own bikes $0 upcharge, or rent here (rates).

You are effortlessly chauffeured from the inn to a getaway like no other. It just you two, and your two kayaks.  (Or one luxury tandem—or all three boats as a great getaway for four!) It's a delightful river paddle from the small town of Comstock, to the urban center of Kalamazoo. It's quiet, enjoyable time alone on a beautiful river ride, with a transition to urban scenes, and a brewery destination in the city that's as fun as the journey: Arcadia Ales brewery!

There's no stress of renting or transporting kayaks, and no need to shuffle cars to the end of the float, or break the fun with the stress of loading things up when you're enjoying a cold Arcadia Ale at the end. It's a paddle of just under four miles. Take one hour or three. It's your day, and your choice. There is no pickup appointment to fuss over. Just pull up to the landing at Arcadia Ales in the heart of downtown, lock the boats to a tree with our cable, and forget them; we'll get them later. Your job is to go enjoy some outstanding brews and food by the river at Arcadia Ales. Stay a while, walk directly back to the inn (under a half-hour stroll through city), or better yet stop to sample other breweries, shop, or see the sights ... it's your afternoon!

Two Options: Beginner/Shorter (Option A), or More Advanced/Longer (Option B).

The Beginner/Shorter (Option A) is a lovely downstream paddle from Comstock to downtown. It is just under four miles, and depending on conditions and current, about 1 hour and 20 minutes on average if you stay on task. That said, most people chat, take breaks, explore side streams, or find a perfect eddy in which to soak up the sun and go nowhere for a spell. For more rigor and exercise, the Advanced/Longer (Option B) expands the trip to nearly 6 miles and about three hours on average, and adds some athleticism via portage. Option B's nearly 6 mile trip starts with a 1.3 mile open-water paddle on Morrow Lake—to a partially abandoned power plant and dam (cool to see), and then includes a somewhat demanding portage of about 50 yards around the dam. (The exit from the boats is onto a platform at a seawall, with a lift of boats of about three feet required; steep embankment of rock and concrete at re-launch. Intermediate to advanced agility required for Option B! Leisurely and tranquil water on river after the dam portage.)

What's Included:

  • Two kayaks for your day (one-person boats)
  • Paddles and life vests
  • Waters and light snacks for the trip
  • Transportation of you and the boats to the launch area upstream (for relaxing downstream float/paddle)
  • $25 gift certificate at Arcadia Ales' 

Fine Print and Requirements:

  • This activity can be cancelled separately from the room, up to one hour before the scheduled time (regular cancellation policy for the room still applies per policies).
  • One-night stay (minimum) at The Kalamazoo House is required
  • It's your private event, with a maximum of four participants, using two 1-person kayaks (two people), and a high-end tandem, two-person luxury cruiser--from InflatableKayaker.com
  • Add the Kayak experience to your shopping cart during check-out (or give us a call)
  • Receive a confirmation back from us that the date is available (if not we will remove the package of course)
  • Return transporation not included (or necessary: Arcadia is about :15 min walk back to inn)
  • Must be 21 years of age