Not a fan of B&Bs? You’ve come to right place.

The Kalamazoo House is in many ways more akin to a boutique hotel or inn than it is a Bed and Breakfast, although it is true that with so many great restaurants within walking distance, lunch and dinner are not served. But you see, like any term, “Bed and Breakfast” is inseparable from some myths, truths, and varied connotations; and candidly, many of those connotations reflect truths that we don’t like either. While there are differences between a hotel and a B&B, even skeptics find a great fit here for the following reasons:

  • You can be as private and anonymous as you wish, for instance, while still enjoying the charm, ambiance, and history that make this house so special. There is no community "anything" (meals, bathrooms, etc.) at the Kalamazoo House, and we seek to honor your personal space at all times;
  • Rooms have everything you would expect in a boutique hotel, right down to individual thermostats;
  • Breakfast seating is at private tables (unless you choose otherwise). There are no artificial constraints or schedules, and nothing you “gotta” do;
  • Business travelers can skip breakfast or grab exceptional coffee and a "Breakfast Basket" of non-perishables to go; or, have the full complimentary breakfast hot and ready at a specified time;
  • Come and go any time via custom-coded locks, so you’re free to enjoy the nightlife; or stay sequestered for work or romance. It’s all up to you;
  • Even “check-in” is simple, thanks to our Streamlined Self Check-in process. By default we provide each guest with clear and simple instructions to use their discrete door code and arrive any time after 4:00 p.m.. No check-in appointments!

It turns out that at the Kalamazoo House, you control your experience! Our job is to provide all the tools and Victorian ambiance so you can leverage that fantasy as you see fit. 

There are truly only two options in the heart of Kalamazoo: the wonderful Radisson, and the equally wonderful alternative to a large, traditional inn—The Kalamazoo House. We hope you’ll give us a try, even if you aren’t a fan of traditional Bed & Breakfasts.

Still, boutique B&B travel still isn't for everyone. Here is a good outline of what to expect, and the differences between a hotel and a B&B?