• Upon receipt of your reservation, we will charge a required deposit to your credit card to complete your booking; reservation is not guaranteed until a deposit is received.

  • For a one or two night stay, the deposit is equivalent to one night's rate plus taxes.

  • For a stay of three nights or longer, the deposit is equal to half the entire booking, including taxes.

  • Any balance due after the deposit will be charged on the day of arrival using card provided, unless other arrangements have been made in advance (or thirty days prior for four or more rooms, as outlined below).


Please understand that some or all of your reservation may not be cancellable, and that our cancellation policy differs between weekend/holiday nights and weekday nights, and also for larger group reservations. The Kalamazoo House is an intimate property where every guest reservation is both important and special to us. Unlike a traditional hotel, your reservation means that we have committed a distinct and unique room exclusively to your enjoyment. Trip Insurance: We do recommend that you consider purchasing private trip insurance if an unforeseen event causing you to cancel would result in undue stress or discomfort for you. Although it has never happened, we also reserve the right to cancel your reservation (with full refund if such a cancellation was imposed upon you from our side). Guest cancellations are treated as follows:

     FRIDAY, SATURDAY, AND HOLIDAY NIGHTS (defined as “Weekend/holiday”)

•Cancellations of “weekend” nights made at least 7 (SEVEN) days prior to your arrival date provide for your deposit being refunded, less a $25.00 per-room cancellation fee.

•Cancellations of ”weekend” nights made WITHIN 7 DAYS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE OR SHORTENABLE (or otherwise changeable). In the unlikely event that you must cancel with less than 7 (seven) days notice, shorten your stay, or check out early, please understand that we must ask you to take responsibility for all of the “weekend” nights of your reservation; “weekday” nights remaining are separately subject to the relevant policy terms.

     SUNDAY TO THURSDAY NIGHTS (defined as “Weeknights”)

* Cancellations of “weekday” nights made at least 24 HOURS prior to your arrival date provide for your deposit being refunded, less a $25.00 per-room cancellation fee.
* CANCELLATIONS of “weekday” nights WITHIN 24 hours ARE NOT REFUNDABLE. In the unlikely event that you must cancel with less than 24 hours notice, or shorten your stay—please understand that we must ask you to take responsibility for those Sunday-Thursday nights cancelled with less than 24 hour notice. Any “weekend/holiday” nights in your reservation will be separately subject to the relevant policy terms.

FOUR OR MORE ROOMS AND WHOLE-HOUSE BOOKINGS are no longer refundable if cancelled within 30 days prior to your stay, and require a 50% deposit at time of reservation, with the balance due 30 days prior to your stay. Reservations of four or more rooms for related or affiliated parties require owner approval; they may also require a 20% "Helpful Guest Deposit," and a signed addendum agreeing to additional group requirements. If booked online directly, it remains the guest's responsibility to immediately disclose affiliated parties holding greater four or more rooms; failure to do so could result in a 20% up-charge, the requirement to upgrade to whole-house booking, or even cancellation of your reservation. (Note: Whole-house bookings may be required for affiliated groups or parties who occupy more than four guest rooms.)


  • STREAMLINED SELF CHECK-INS via discrete DOOR CODE begin daily at 4:00 p.m. (Eastern)

With guest feedback we’ve eliminated a need for check-in appointments! The Kalamazoo House is now a streamlined, self check-in B&B by default. Here is a One-Minute YouTube visual demonstration. You can always make specific arrangements with us to meet you, but most people find streamlined check-ins easier than appointments. Since we may or may not be around at your exact arrival time, please assume there will be NO STAFFED FRONT DESK OR DOOR ATTENDANT. 
Please remember when making your plans that Michigan is on Eastern time---an hour later!


  • We ask that you vacate by 11 a.m.

  • Late check-outs are difficult for us, as we need the time to ready the room for the next guest.


  • Absolutely no smoking is allowed inside the building; this includes e-cigarettes as they, too, will set of smoke detectors (trust us on this). We will assess a $250 cleaning fee if you have smoked inside.

  • Smoking of cigarettes and cigars is permitted on the porches as long as it doesn't bother other guests. Please use the receptacles provided.

  • We cannot allow the burning of candles, or open flames of any kind. Please let us know if you would like electric-flame candles in your room.


  • Our rooms accommodate one or two persons, and the rate is the same whether single or double occupancy.

  • Please remember, children are "persons"!


  • We ask that the inn be limited to immediate guests (room occupants), and a perhaps a couple guests of guests with our permission (not in the guest rooms please). We've found that from controlling security and access, to domination of our common areas, to wear-and-tear on the inn, outside guests numbering more than a couple (total) significantly impinge upon the flow and enjoyment of other guests.


  • Our inn is most suitable for adult guests who can safely walk irregular stairs and navigate hazards to mobility. Guest rooms are on the second and third floors, with steep stairs to the third floor (rooms #7-11) and no elevator to any floors, so continuing with your reservation indicates willingness and acceptance of all related risks.

  • Children 12 and older are welcomed when accompanied by parents or legal guardians--with advance notice please, and subject to our policies regarding the number of guests per room (see above). Due in part to considerations such as grandfathered code variances in our nationally registered historic home, we feel strongly that guests should be at least 12 years of age.


  • As animal lovers ourselves, we wish we could accommodate your pets, but unfortunately we cannot.


The Kalamazoo House does not sell or provide alcohol; as such, we can allow guests to bring and consume adult beverages responsibly.


  • The Kalamazoo House is a weapon-free zone. Please leave weapons locked and secured at home or in your vehicle.


  • Gift Certificates are required to be honored in the State of Michigan for five years, though we appreciate your efforts to use them sooner.

  • Purchases of gift certificates are considered final, and cannot be redeemed for cash value, only goods and services, or a replacement certificate.


  • Rates/policies are subject to change and vary during high impact periods and special requests.

  • Posted rates do not include 6% state sales tax and 5% accommodations tax, or $1 per room night Michigan Lake-to-Lake B&B assessment.


  • We require a 2-night minimum stay for most weekends. Reservations may be for Thursday-Friday, Friday-Saturday, or Saturday-Sunday to qualify for the 2-night minimum. Holiday weekends and some special events require longer minimum-night stays.

  • Occasionally there is an open single night between two other reservations, allowing us to confirm a 1-night stay when a minimum-night stay is showing on the calendar. Also, if we have availability a day or two before the weekend, a 1-night stay can sometimes be confirmed.

    • Please call to inquire: 269-382-0880.