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Weekend nights available without Two-Night Minimums (a.k.a. "Gap Nights"):

Most weekends at the inn have a two-night minimum (why? See his FAQ), but some guests satisfy that with a longer stay that still leaves open single "gap" nights on a weekend. The following rooms are available for 1-night weekend stays on the dates listed. Click the word HERE below to see the selected room rates and THEN ADD THE ROOM TO YOUR CART! (updated 8/17/17)

  • Fri & Sat, Aug 18 & 19  and Aug 25 & 26 can be booked without minimums
  • Friday, Sept 29th--Room#4 (click HERE to save $10 and book now)
  • Friday, October 6th--Room#3 (click HERE to save $10 and book now)
  • Friday, October 13th--Room#8 (click HERE to save $10 and book now)
  • Saturday, Dec 2nd--Room#6 (click HERE to save $10 and book now)

Unique Opportunities:  

At this time there are no additional specials, discounts or promotions in effect.