But these don't hurt: #1 TripAdvisor Ranking ▪ Exceptional Ambiance ▪ Free Parking ▪ Hot Breakfast  Private Tables ▪ 24-hr Access ▪ Roku/HDTV ▪ Total Privacy

You Mean Business

We understand how traditional hotel rooms can all look the same after a while. It can be hard to know what city you're in. So we also understand the desire to mix it up and stay someplace with warmth, character, and a home-like ambiance; but we also know that doing so cannot mean sacrificing ... 

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Brewpubs & Nightlife

Kalamazoo has become the epicenter of great beer, nightlife, theatre, romance, festivals, and fun. And the Kalamazoo House is the sole luxury hotel alternative that puts it all within reach. No matter your speed, there's something for you.

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Romance Lives

From newlyweds to anniversaries, mom and dad's weekend getaway, to a retreat with a new love, the Kalamazoo House is the perfect place to show your "special someone" how you feel by making plans to  relax, connect, and rejuvenate! 

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