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Gilmore Car Museum -- prime SW Michigan attraction

We have had a number of guests who have visited Kalamazoo just to go to the Gilmore Car Museum because it was on their “bucket list” of the very best car museums anywhere. Others drive their own historic cars here to attend special events and gatherings.

--------------------------------Scroll down for our photos of a recent visit.

Located in a beautiful country location about 25 minutes from downtown Kalamazoo, near Southwest Michigan’s Gull Lake, the Gilmore Car Museum began when Donald Gilmore’s expanding collection of vintage and classic cars needed a home. He and his wife Genevieve bought 90 acres of farmland at Hickory Corners and had a number of classic barns dismantled and rebuilt on the property to house the collection. They soon realized that the collection should be expanded and protected, and that was the beginning of what is now one of the premiere car museums in the country.

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Open year-round, the Gilmore Car Museum is actually a collection of collections. Besides being home to over 400 spectacular automobiles, the Gilmore Car Museum is the site of high-quality, independent special-interest collections:

      The Classic Car Club of America Museum
      The Franklin Collection
      The Tucker Historical Collection
      The Pierce Arrow Museum
      The Cadillac-LaSalle Club
      The Midwest Miniatures Museum
      The Model A Ford Museum

The Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum’s Grand Opening wil be Saturday, August 9th.

Actually, one of MY favorite collections at the museum is a room full of hundreds of hood ornaments - also called car mascots. They are fascinating to look at, and this video about Antiques Roadshow’s trip to the Gilmore Car Museum to see these “car mascots” is fascinating:

                  ANTIQUES ROADSHOW Video

  • Gilmore Car Museum hood ornament collection
  • Gilmore Car Museum showing cars and diner
  • Gilmore Car Museum 1929 Duesenberg at gas pump

And the site is worth a trip for other attractions as well. Today the campus includes 8 historic barns (compelling in their own right), a recreated 1930’s service station, a small-town train station, and a historic diner where you can take a break with a good lunch and some delicious ice cream.

Finding it:  For directions between the Kalamazoo House B&B and the Gilmore Car Museum, click on the "Local Area" tab above for a map.  Scroll to the bottom, and select Kalamazoo House B&B and the Gilmore Car Museum for detailed directions in either direction.

Photos from our recent visit to the Gilmore Car Museum

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The Cadillac barn is a favorite.

  • Gilmore Car Museum

The classic Pierce Arrows bring back days of glamour.

  • IMG_5345

Did you know Checker Cabs were made here in Kalamazoo?

  • IMG_5355

Priceless antique autos in a historic barn.

  • IMG_5341

Beautiful hot rods.

  • IMG_5340

What a great color!

  • IMG_5353

Love the hood ornaments.  Also known as car mascots.

  • IMG_5359

There are days it would be fun to have this on our car.

  • IMG_5352

Maybe the witch would look good on my Prius?

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  • IMG_5335
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