Kalamazoo House B&B
447 W. South Street
Kalamazoo, MI, 49007, USA

Breakfast...the "other" B in B&B

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At the Kalamazoo House, the word for breakfast is "choice".

The second "B" in "B&B" stands for Breakfast, and we take that word very seriously at the Kalamazoo House.  As at most B&Bs, our breakfast is complimentary, included in the price of your room, and we try hard to make it an occasion for enjoyment.  Since all B&Bs are a bit different in their approach to breakfast, we thought we'd explain a little bit about our breakfast philosophy.  It all begins with choices....

You choose when to eat.  You let us know approximately what time you want to eat, and we make sure your selected entree is prepped and ready for you when you are ready for breakfast.  Our preferred breakfast time is from 8-10am, but an early breakfast (within reason, of course) is always available.

You choose what to eat.  All breakfasts begin with a generous fruit course accompanied by muffins or other baked goods, juices and the all important Coffee and Tea.  For the main entree, we ask you to select from our daily published menu of 5 or 6 savory and sweet items.  You select your entree before you go to bed, and we take care of the rest.   Our varied menu means that special diets are quite easy to accommodate.  Please let us know if you require vegetarian, gluten-free, or another special diet and we will make every effort to serve you.

You choose with whom to eat.  While we are fans of the community tables found in many B&B's, we don't have one.  Instead, we have smaller, individual tables.  Traveling alone and want to eat alone?  Not a problem here.  You've come with friends, or you've made friends with other guests, and you've have decided you'd like to eat together? We're happy to arrange it.  Your comfort and enjoyment are our goals.

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What do guests say about breakfast at the Kalamazoo House?

...Oh, and honey, the food, the breakfast, well I didn't want to leave for work!  I wanted to sit around and drink the real coffee. None of that watered down why did you bother stuff.  Laurel makes a deep rich coffee that almost didn't make me miss my espresso.  For breakfast I had Terry's Hash which he says has a "giddy up" appeal; yes sir I was on fire all morning.  The baked eggs with dill and Havarti cheese was happy in my tummy; and the crustless quiche was lovely.  This Gluten Free mama was happy.  ...(Yelp)

...After we arrived back home, my husband said he would trade me in for another Cajun Corned Beef Hash breakfast from the Kalamazoo House.... (

...The food was fantastic. It inspired us to try making Eggs Benedict at home... (Yelp)

...the breakfast was super with a lot of variety. It was not a continental breakfast as I expected, but a full to order breakfast with many options....(

...Breakfast has a wide variety of options that change each day and there is always a low-carb alternative.... (Trip Advisor)

...The tasty and unique breakfast offered is what separates this establishment from anyone else. They have a homemade breakfast menu that is always changing with so many choices to choose from. My favorite was "Terry's Southern Comfort". I would highly recommend the Kalamazoo House Bed and Breakfast for anyone looking for a romantic weekend getaway with superior hospitality service, along with creative and delicious breakfasts you won't find anywhere else. (Trip Advisor)

What's for breakfast at the Kalamazoo House B&B?

We have a large variety of entrees that we like to rotate onto the daily menu, and Terry is always fooling around in the kitchen creating delicious new treats.  Our signature Banana Nut Crunch French Toast is on the menu every day, as well as the Crustless Spinach-Feta Quiche.  Other sweet and savory items are added daily.

We do our best to cater to vegan, gluten-free, and other special diets.  If you have specific food allergies or aversions, please let us know in advance so we can be sure to give you a breakfast you'll love.

How do we know what you choose for breakfast?  We ask you to sign up for your selection before you go to bed.  You can do that when you pick up your bedtime snack of cookies and milk.

Here's a recent breakfast menu:

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